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    the new nano-gallery is having an all day opening-like event
    10-6 548 west 22nd Chelsea

    gallery-like deadspace
    opening day chaotic non-event Fryday July 17 2014 10-6
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    548 West 22nd Street New York, New York ..
    temporal multiplicity ongoing T-F 10-6

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    How ya doing?

    My new gallery came out of an awkward situation. I was always sending collectors and dealers to check out the studio of artists I thought were great. But often, there wasn’t much to see, because I’d already bought it all!

    Occasionally, it got pretty ugly, with the collectors cursing me and the dealers trying to insult me by saying I was a dealer too. I tried being generous, leaving a few morsels behind as I consumed everything in my path like a cloud of locusts…but I’m just too selfish.

    So I decided to have a gallery in Chelsea where I could show people what art I was buying, and let them do the math, and the hunt, on their own.

    I considered trying to do a little dealing on the side, but I thought I might be accused of Flipping. As you know, that’s the new pariah category, rapidly rising up the who-do-we-hate charts, currently somewhere between child molesting and terrorism. I don’t want to be attacked by angry mobs of artworld do-gooders so I won’t be committing the great evil of selling any of the art.

    Most of these artists are already doing time in the Flood entourage one way or another, so its just a bit more financial burden for me to rent that little gallery next to Zach Feuer and hang a bunch of stuff in it.

    I’m calling it Mark Flood Resents because I hate their youth and their talent.

    The big challenge is setting up the lights and the furniture so the people who work there don’t go insane from boredom. I hate the police interrogation room feel of the over-lit white cube so I’m thinking: darkness, sofas, mattresses, sort of like the Insider Art Fair, only with actual struggling artist art instead of Mark Flood: Megastar art-product.

    Show boundaries will be fuzzy. Hours will be erratic. Visitors will be disappointed. I’m planning on having an extremely insolent and unhelpful staff, but of course, that’s no innovation!

    Galleries are starting to feel like the passenger pigeon of the art eco-system, so I thought this was a good time to experiment with some radio collars, and some breeding in captivity! Sadly, galleries are the only public place where the artist has control of how the work is presented. Good luck controlling your work’s context at an artfair!

    Thanks for asking. I don’t know how you heard about it; I haven’t done any PR yet. Writing you is helping me clear my thoughts. Don’t be surprised if the press release looks a lot like this email!

    Comprised of a rotating cast of anonymous screaming voices, The Mark Flood human personality is known for their humorous and irreverent projects and performances that often take a [redacted] and [redacted] stance towards the current market’s seemingly [redacted] appetite for [redacted] new artists. Through [redacted] , The Mark Flood human personality interrogates the foundations of its [redacted] identity. Insinuating its [redacted] cum [redacted] into the history of [redacted] , art history, and private [redacted] , the Mark Flood human personality uses the [redacted] of its own existence to metonymically reveal the [redacted] . The [redacted] , even when drawn from historical [redacted] , are always depictions of the [redacted] : a [redacted] , [redacted] , [redacted] . Here the successfully [redacted] ‘s actual [redacted] is replaced with a pile of [redacted] gore and the letters of a traditional suicide note have been replaced with a covert recording of an unusual murder/suicide planning session, recently taped by the NYPD in the mens room at Madison Square Garden, where meaningless fountains of fan urine fail to replenish the dry and dusty well of human desire, transforming the iconic [redacted] into a self referential representation.

    mmm hmmmm



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  • Lowell Boyers in studio

    (from the artist’s website:

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  • Lowell Boyers “Endless Beginnings” embodies the “invisible network of all qualities of one’s moments, inside and out.”

    Signed, limited edition print now available on Exhibition A:

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  • Matthew Chambers’ print “A Silent Rueful Toast” is now available on Exhibition A. Visit us before it’s too late for the signed, limited edition of only 30!

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  • picklebeholding:

    Some Thoughts About Marks: Theodora Allen, Patrick Berran, Daniel Heidkamp, Michael Hunter, Lui Shtini at Jack Hanley Gallery.
    June 27 - August 22, 2014

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  • charleslutz:

    Some of the editions that will be available at The New Museum’s booth at the Armory Show, March 8 - 11th, 2012.

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